America's Best Bootfitter - Best of Category - 2023
Forward Lean Kit
Gives you an extra 2° forward lean angle
Dahu Boot Alpine ISO 5355 - Heel and Toe Strikes for Non GripWalk Bindings
Dahu Boot Compatible Only.  If your Dahu boot and binding does not have the GripWalk identification, you will need the Alpine Strike Kit to convert your Dahu boots. 
GripWalk Kit
Dahu Boot Compatible Only.  Retrofit your 19-20 or 20-21 Dahu ski boots with our new GripWalk Retrofit Kit.  Ensures a safer and more comfortable walking experience. For use with Gripwalk compatible bindings only.
Corsair Fit Experience
Purchased your DAHU boots elsewhere and are interested in a master boot fitting session?Our digital boot fit experience is built for the modern age. Work with a Dahu Master boot fitter from the comfort of your own home, to learn...
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